Mike Stroup

Hello from Texas!

Mike is an acoustic guitarist and vocalist living in central Texas. He was born and raised in southern Ohio, and got to here as soon as he could. His music career spans 40+ years and he currently performs solo and in various group arrangements. He is active in western swing, bluegrass, americana and country genres.  

He and Schulenburg-based artist Annie Rost have raised over $6000 by donating gigs to local charity auctions in 2023.

Please see the calendar below for current gigs.

In addition to performing he manages bookings and events of all sizes. His contact information is available at the bottom of the page. Please friend him on facebook to get posts about current activities.


Mike's Gig Calendar

This calendar updates real-time as new gigs are announced so please visit often! Click on any date to the left to see details about the event.

Please email him at the address below if you would like to be added to his gig schedule newsletter.